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Choose Your Own Adventure

by Maylee Todd

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Maylee Todd, one of Canada’s most exciting new music acts, is spreading an infectious energy around town. With the vocal chords of an angel, charismatic stage presence and a string of soulful pop tunes, this bright, young spark is turning heads by reinventing tropical grooves.

Following collaborations with the likes of Woodhands and Henri Faberge & The Adorables, Toronto-based Maylee now introduces us to her band Pegwee Power and their debut album Choose Your Own Adventure. The group, which started as a solo act, with just Todd on her harp accompanied by a looping station, now consists of Andrew Scott (trumpet & synth) Eric Woolston (vibraphone & drums) and Chris Kettlewell (bass & accordion).

Summer Sounds is a breezy, sand between the toes must have, an ode to our short Canadian summer. Pegwee Power is a 7-minute instrumentally rich treat while Protection Plan 101 sensitively explores the euphoria of love and accompanying fear of rejection. The delicate harp strumming and velvety vocals of Heartthrob, in Maylee’s own words is about “an insane puppet in a mental institution that believes she is trapped in a castle waiting for her prince to come along and rescue her.” It’s this colourful imagination that makes Maylee’s music so captivating. "This album is a collection of my many adventures in my real life and my fantasy world," she muses.

Maylee injects a unique element of humour into much of her art, which also explains her eccentric choice of attire on the album’s cover. And the up-tempo Betty Davis inspired Aerobics in Space is a tribute to her comical interactive aerobics events called Sweatshop Hop. “I think the idea of doing any sort of physical activity in space is pretty funny,” she explains. Add to this the Doo-Wop rhythm of Lullaby for My Fictitious Children, and here you have the essential soundtrack to summer.


released 22 June 2010



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Track Name: Summer Sounds
Summer, Summer Sounds

I can't describe this feeling
Sudden shocks of smiles you do bring
My hands can reach for the ceilings of the sky

Summer, Summer Sounds

Even though it is winter
There's a feeling of warmth that's in her
I get so excited I wanna punch you in the eye

Summer, Summer Sounds

But please don't break my heart
I only have and it's the last one I got
Track Name: A Lullaby For My Fictitious Children Lucious & Sumat
Took your head out of my hand
And left your empty Shell on the shore line
Seeing you like this really pains me
So I'll see you there
Cause my time begins
Way down where the darkness ends and they hold their breath
There's a menial place for you
Somewhere where moving parts grow on trees
I will see you there cause your time begins

So don't wake up now
My children have fallen from the sky

Know that there are monsters out there
Who will cut you down cause your soul ain' t black
Please don't be afraid of those monsters out there
They got their own up on their backs.

So don't wake up now
My children have fallen
From the sky
The stars, the moon and the night
Track Name: Aerobics In Space
Aerobics in Space yeah

I'm gonna give you what you really need,
From the traps on your back to your patellafied knees
Better keep that shit right tight or you'll get some tone
From the atmospheric earth to your erotic zone

Don't you know that time is a bending
From your sweaty sexy body sent from heaven
Better watch out now you're making my mind melt
Better loosen up yourself and your zodiac belt

Can you dig it!
We can dig it, she can dig it, you can dig it!
Now funk it to the left!
Now funk it to the right!
Now funk some shit up!
And funk that shit tight!
Can I get some action? Some aerobic satisfaction? Some muscular contraction?
Break it down for me baby!

Do it for yourself a per-iodization plan. Do it for yourself don't do it for the man.
Aerobics in Space
Cause the time right now won't drive on drive on drive on.
I said now baby it's for me and it's not for him and it's definitely not for you!